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Blackjack online

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a relatively young card game, about three hundred years old. It harmoniously combines elements of skill and luck. At the moment, playing blackjack online can be considered one of the most popular among casino enthusiasts. Although it wasn't always like that, initially, owners had to stimulate interest in the game with various bonuses. In Russia, blackjack has a "relative": twenty-one points.

Objective of the Blackjack Game

The goal of the game is to achieve, ideally, 21 points or a number of points as close as possible to this figure, but never exceeding it. If a player happens to have more than twenty-one points, they are instantly declared a loser. The winner is determined by comparing the value of the player's and the dealer's cards. The players' task is to beat the dealer. A combination consisting of a ten or a face card and an ace is called blackjack and surpasses any other.


The values of the cards are as follows:

  • The value of cards from 2 to 10 is equal to their face value;
  • King, Queen, and Jack are worth 10 points each;
  • The Ace, at the discretion of its owner, can be valued at either 1 or 11 points.

The traditional version of the game involves up to seven participants. In this game, 1 to 8 decks can be used. The more cards, the less likely it is for a player to get a blackjack combination.

General Rules of the Game

The deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled by the dealer. All participants make bets. Then, each player receives 2 cards. All partners' cards are face up, except for the dealer, who has only one card face up. Depending on it, participants decide how to proceed. If one of the gamers from the first two cards scores 21 points, this situation in the game is called blackjack, and they receive winnings exceeding the bet by one and a half times. However, this happens only if the dealer cannot replicate the lucky player's combination, meaning the dealer has a face-up card with a value from 2 to 9. If the dealer has a King, Queen, Jack, or a ten face up, the player with 21 points is offered either to take the winnings equal to the bet or wait for the end of the game. In online mode, if the dealer gets the lucky card combination, he is the winner. If another player also has blackjack, then such a situation is considered a draw.

For the dealer in the game, certain rules exist. If the sum of all card values is sixteen or less, then he must take more cards. If seventeen or more, then he must stop. In case the dealer has 22 points or more in hand, he loses. If the dealer has cards with a value from seventeen to twenty-one, the player wins if their point total is higher than the dealer's. In the case of an equal number of points, it is declared a draw. If a participant scores less than the dealer, they lose.

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Additional Features of Playing Blackjack:

  • Split. If a gamer gets 2 cards of the same rank (for example, 3 and 3, 6 and 6, or even J and Q), then they have the right to split their cards into two hands, making another bet and playing for two. The game continues as if the participant originally played for two. The situation changes slightly when splitting a pair of Aces. In this case, the dealer deals one card to each Ace, and the gamer cannot take more cards but has the right to split the Aces again.
  • Double. If a gamer has a small number of points (usually from 8 to 11) after receiving two cards, they have the right to double the bet and take only one more card.
  • Insurance. In case the dealer has an open Ace, the participant can take out insurance for their bet. The size of the insurance is half the amount of the bet. If the dealer gets blackjack, then the participant's main bet did not win, but the insurance did. The insurance is paid 2 to 1, so the player breaks even. If the dealer does not get the lucky combination, the participant loses the insurance and continues the game with the main bet.

Playing on the expanses of the World Wide Web is no less interesting than in a real casino. Online mode, free and without registration, is the advantage of entertainment that our site offers to its users. We will be happy to see true card game enthusiasts among our guests.